Media Interviews

April 29, 2016 – Financial Repression Authority

Anthony Wile of The Wile Group talks with Gord Long, host of Financial Repression Authority radio, about the emerging legalized cannabis industry, how global regulation will shape its future, and why Colombia is ideally situated, environmentally, politically and socially, to be a leader. (50 min.)

August 01, 2011 – RT

RT's Kevin Owen talks to Anthony Wile about Washington's latest deal to raise the US debt ceiling and avert a potentially devastating default. “If people are paying attention then that means people will be able to take individual steps to avoid the calamity that is in front of us. … America has to rein it in and people have to get down to reality and realize that unless they do, the whole thing is just going to be one great big debt ballon that’s going to explode over America creating the worst financial hurricane that the world has ever seen.”

May 04, 2011 – RT

RT's Kevin Owen talks to Anthony Wile, founder and chief editor of political website, who does not think the death of Osama Bin Laden has brought any change to the safety of the world. Wile believes that the US is using the conflicts in the Arab world to consolidate power and weaken those nation states that have been 'resistant to globalist governance.'

February 25, 2011 – RT

RT's Rory Suchet discusses the situation in the Middle East with Anthony Wile. “Today’s democracy is nothing more than a mainstream control mechanism through which the vast majority of the public, who do not think, are emotionally engaged in situations that they don’t even really realize what they’re voting for or approving. … To me, this is not democracy; this is abuse. This is nothing more than a system that is doomed to failure.”