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The Wile Group International Ltd. es una firma de capital de riesgo de valor agregado, enfocada en potenciar oportunidades privadas de inversión. Buscamos iniciativas excepcionales y luego ensayamos las primeras etapas de oportunidades de inversión que encontramos por su potencial de alcanzar enormes utilidades dentro de los siguientes tres a cinco años.

Damos la bienvenida a inversionistas calificados para que nos acompañen en la búsqueda de utilidades. The Wile Group presenta nuestras ideas de inversión a inversionistas calificados y a una red internacional de gerentes de activos, bancos de inversión y corredores de bolsa.

Únase a nuestra vibrante comunidad internacional de inversionistas autónomos hoy mismo, y descubra las ideas de inversión oportunas que seleccionamos para potenciar.

"I've seen how Anthony Wile finds extraordinarily profitable opportunities that other analysts have walked past without noticing. It's almost as though he has a special sense for detecting value."
— Terry Coxon, President, Passport Financial
"I have known Anthony Wile for over a decade. The research Anthony engages in prior to proposing investment opportunities, the depth of his grasp of business models and the ability he has to assist companies in identifying partners who can accelerate their growth are all to a degree that I have rarely encountered before."
— Steve Moses, President, Parkdale Investments SA
"I learned very early to listen to original thinkers — the stranger, the better. I remember extremely well early in my career that a very successful guy exclaimed: Listen to the unique ones — even the ones who get it wrong at times. Anthony Wile is one of those original thinkers."
— Jim Rogers, Bestselling Author, Co-founder of the Quantum Fund
"Anthony Wile has proven to be an expert at utilizing his vast understanding of Austrian economics to analyze business cycles and identify the right time to get into and get out of trending financial sectors. The Stocker Group has benefited greatly from his incredibly accurate timing."
— Michael Stocker, PhD, President, Stocker Group International
"Anthony Wile has been advising our securities firm with top-down trend and sector analysis for almost 15 years. His uncanny ability to uncover early-stage investment opportunities that mature to deliver powerful investment profits is simply outstanding — our clients couldn't be more pleased."
— Ellison Isaac Collie, Managing Director, Elco Securities Ltd.
"Anthony Wile has an incredible eye for exceptional investment opportunities, and unparalleled tenacity to pull them off."
— Sovereign Man
"Anthony Wile is a very bright, resourceful and dedicated professional with solid free-market credentials that inform his business cycle analysis."
— Dr. Tibor Machan, Author and Philosopher
"Anthony possesses a unique ability to identify the real-world business implications of macro-economic circumstances. I have had the opportunity to work with him on more than one occasion in recent years, and have always been impressed not only by the breadth of his knowledge of the global marketplace — but also his passionate enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and insights with others."
— David Gordon, Chair, Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms
"There are three levels to my trust. First, Anthony Wile sees the investment world clearly and knows how to pave a way through emerging trends in order to reach prosperity. Second, he never lies. Third, he treats people with respect. I've seen him do the latter even when the other party roundly deserves the opposite."
— Wendy McElroy, Lecturer and Author, The Art of Being Free
"High Alert should be read by everyone who wishes to educate themselves about the dangers fiat money poses to American liberty and prosperity. I wish I could get every member of Congress to read this book."
— Ron Paul, former Republican congressman from Texas, member, Banking and International Relations committees;
2012 GOP presidential candidate

Comentario Wile

November 14, 2016 – Huffington Post - Wile Blog

Today's Canadian cannabis industry is extremely confused as the Trudeau Government constructs regulations to be rolled out next year for recreational cannabis. … To ensure that cannabis products are able to be fully accessed by Canadians seeking to use them for categorical relief and wellness purposes, federal, provincial and professional agencies must empower the naturopathic, homeopathic and other alternative medical communities to be able to authorize the use of cannabis products.

September 22, 2016 – Huffington Post - Wile Blog

The global cannabis industry is maturing, but it hasn't yet outgrown the awkwardness of adolescence. It still doesn't know how to mind its manners. That's going to change because incentives for it to start acting like a responsible adult are coming soon. At the very time the world is focused on limiting environmental pollution, the global cannabis industry is earning a reputation as an ecological vandal.

August 03, 2016 – Huffington Post - Wile Blog

Americas Quarterly recently posed an open question: "What would you tell the next U.S. president about Latin America?" Responses from a diverse group were published in the journal's August "Memos to the Next President" issue. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos seized the opportunity to write about "an important matter for both of our nations and many other countries around the planet: the global drug problem" and express his "absolute conviction that the moment has arrived for the world to adopt a new approach in its drug control policies." I fully applaud the president's forward thinking and could not agree more.

Entrevistas en los medios

April 17, 2017 – CannaInsider Podcast

Anthony Wile talks with Matt Kind, host of the CannaInsider podcast series "Interviews with the Leading Voices of the Cannabis Industry." In Episode 175, "Savvy Cannabis Investors Pivoting to Markets Beyond North America," Matt and Anthony discuss why investors are shifting their focus from domestic to international markets. Listen on iTunes here or via the audio link at CannaInsider.com.

April 29, 2016 – Financial Repression Authority

Anthony Wile of The Wile Group talks with Gord Long, host of Financial Repression Authority radio, about the emerging legalized cannabis industry, how global regulation will shape its future, and why Colombia is ideally situated, environmentally, politically and socially, to be a leader. (50 min.)

August 01, 2011 – RT

RT's Kevin Owen talks to Anthony Wile about Washington's latest deal to raise the US debt ceiling and avert a potentially devastating default. “If people are paying attention then that means people will be able to take individual steps to avoid the calamity that is in front of us. … America has to rein it in and people have to get down to reality and realize that unless they do, the whole thing is just going to be one great big debt ballon that’s going to explode over America creating the worst financial hurricane that the world has ever seen.”

Inversión Auto-Dirigida

Presentamos oportunidades de inversión y negocios específicos a inversionistas autónomos por medio de notificaciones de correo electrónico a las que llamamos Reportes Wile. Apreciamos el que usted evalúe los hallazgos de nuestra investigación de acuerdo a sus propios estándares y que entonces tome sus propias decisiones, de acuerdo a cada negocio propuesto.

En caso de que usted decida investigar una de las oportunidades que hemos identificado, le ayudaremos a obtener respuestas claras y oportunas que satisfagan sus preguntas de debida diligencia, brindándole información de contacto con los representantes apropiados de dicha oportunidad de inversión.

Para ganar acceso inmediato a nuestras alertas de conocimientos tempranos de negocios y tratos específicos que consideramos especialmente atractivos, le sugerimos que reciba nuestra suscripción de obsequio Reportes Wile.

Flujo de operaciones: Por qué usted es importante para nosotros

No somos una firma de corretaje. No dependemos de las comisiones. Además de tarifas de servicios corporativos generadas por medio de la provisión de servicios de capital de riesgo de valor agregado, sólo podemos tener utilidades si tenemos razón, pues arriesgamos nuestro propio capital en cada negocio que hacemos.

Su participación activa junto a nosotros nos da una ventaja valiosa: la gran escala. Mejores y más grandes oportunidades se nos hacen disponibles ya que su participación y la de otros inversionistas independientes nos brindan la escala suficiente para ofrecer financiación rápida y eficiente a las compañías nacientes que identificamos por su potencial de altas utilidades.

Su participación es muy importante para nosotros. Lo invitamos a presentarse registrándose a nuestra suscripción de obsequio, Reportes Wile.


Gracias por la invitación para unirme a su red. Sí, me gustaría aprender más acerca de las oportunidades de inversión identificadas e investigadas por The Wile Group. Por favor suscríbanme a la publicación de obsequio Reportes Wile.

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